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The Owner

Talulah Blue started her career as a graphic designer and worked in high street fashion for 7 years, along the fashion industry Talulah started producing Burlesque shows and selling hand made costumes online auction sites.

She began performing and transitioned over completely into the Cabaret circuit, travelling the world performing, and making more elaborated costumes.

She continues to perform, make costumes, design and source costumes.

Before anything goes into the shop Talulah asks herself ‘Would I wear this on stage myself? Do I love it? Would I be proud to be seen wearing this?’

The selection of garments in this shop is intended to draw attention to the wearer, have them stand out and feel special. Be it stage, screen or a party you can’t wait to join.

This is the epitome of the magpie effect! Let’s all sparkle, have fun, and feel fabulous.


Talulah Blue Creations Burlesque, circus and Festival fashion